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How to open a developer account?

To create a developer account for Microsoft Edge, go to the dashboard. If you're not already signed in with a Microsoft account, sign in now, or create a new Microsoft account.

What are individual and company account types?

Company accounts are intended for organizations and businesses. For company accounts, we require greater verification to confirm that you have authorization to set up the account for your company. Individual accounts are usually appropriate for a single developer working on their own.

How do I edit my account details after creating account?

You may edit all registration details except country/region and developer account type. To change other details, select the gear icon (near the upper right corner of the dashboard) and then select Developer settings. In the Settings menu, select Account Settings. Click Update to change contact details.

Changing any of your contact details may require us to verify your account again, especially if you have a company account. Your verification status returns to "Pending" while this is in process.

How do I close my developer account?

If you decide to close your account completely, you must support. When you close your account, it is important to understand that your Listing is removed from Edge Addons. Any existing users of your Extension may continue to use your extension.

What markets are supported by Microsoft Edge Addons catalog (Edge Addons)?

The Edge Addons reaches users in over 200 countries and regions around the world. By default, we offer your Extension in all possible markets. If you prefer, you may choose the specific markets in which your Extension is offered.
For more info about defining markets, visit Define markets section in the Microsoft Edge Extension Overview document.

How do I publish my Extension as undiscoverable on Edge Addons?

The Visibility section allows you to set restrictions on how your Extension is discovered and acquired. Selecting "Hidden as the Visibility option prevents people from finding your Extension in Edge Addons or see the Listing at all.

What if my Extension category is not available in the list given in submission form?

You must choose the category that best describes your Extension. If you are not sure which category to use or you are not able to find one that fits exactly, choose the one that you think users are most likely to look at when trying to find Extensions like yours.

How do I localize my extension?

You may submit an Extension to Edge addons in over 100 languages. Your Extension must support at least one language. By default, we will use "en" as your default locale to edit that or add more locales.

How do I change the Extension name or short description?

While creating an Extension submission, product name is automatically picked from your Extension package. If you wish to change the name before or after publishing, you must update the name in package manifest and update the Extension package in your submission. The same is true the case for the short description.

What are promotion tiles?

Promotional tiles are images that display your Listing in Edge Addons. Well-designed promotional images enhance your Extension more effectively.
Small promotional tile: A small size promotional tile is required. We accept the following image size: 440px x 280px.
Large promotion tiles: A large size promotional tile is optional. We accept the following image size: 1400px x 560px

What are the size requirements for logo and screenshot?

Store logo: A 1:1, PNG (.png) image for your Extension logo is required. We accept the following image sizes: 128px x 128px, 150px x 150px, or 300px x 300px. We recommend you upload a 300px x 300px logo to help enhance the appearance of your Extension.
Screenshots: The optional mages of your Extension that describes what your it does. You may upload up to 10 screenshots and the images must be one of the following sizes: 1280px x 800px or 640px x 400px.

I am seeing error messages while uploading Extension package, what do I do?

You are not able to upload an Extension package if there are any errors in it. You must resolve any errors and try uploading it again.

How do I update my Extension on Edge Addons?

To update a published Extension, open Developer Dashboard and click the Listing from Overview section. Make all the necessary edits in the package or other submission details and click Publish to submit your updates to the Store.

What are search terms?

Search terms are single words or short phrases that are not displayed to users, but enhance the discoverability of your Extnesion in Edge Addons when users search using those terms. You may include up to 7 search terms with a maximum of 30 characters each, and must use no more than 21 separate words across all search terms.

What is the Extensions certification process and timelines?

When you finish creating your submission for your Extension and click Publish, the submission enters the certification step. This process usually is completed within a few hours, though in some cases it may take up to three business days. After your submission passes certification, the Extension is published in Edge Addons. You are notified when your submission is published, and your Extension status in the dashboard changes to "In the Store"

NOTE: If you are submitting your Extension as part of pilot program, it may not appear for users immediately after it has been successfully submitted. It may take few weeks to publish your Extension in Edge Addons.

How do I remove my Extension from Edge Addons?

Open Developer Dashboard and click the Listing from Overview section. Click Unpublish from the Extension overview page. After you confirm that you want to make the extension unavailable, within a few hours it will no longer be visible in Edge addons, and no new customers will be able to get it.

NOTE: Any users who already have the Extension may continue to use it (and may get updates if you submit new package later).