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    Not sure what is going on. I OWN a website and can’t see it on my brand new laptop for some given reason!??! I keep getting this: Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND

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  • add VP8 RTP PictureID

    Hello, it seems that ORTC/WebRTC stack does not add VP8 RTP PictureID [1] which is needed by Switching Mixer Media Servers [2] to properly perform its rewriting when RTP flow switchings take place in

    1 report Confirmed
  • link stuck in :active state

    create a page with a few links (default-prevented) on it define an :active style for the links crazy fast click through the links notice that on one or more links the :active styles persist even

    2 reports Fixed
  • Edge over-decoding URLs

    Edge appears to be over-decoding URLs pasted into the address bar. For example, try pasting https://www.bing.com/%252F into the address bar. This is not just a visual display issue: for example, window.location.href

    1 report Confirmed
  • New Feature in Search Bot

    URL: Repro Steps: Expected Results: Can find a work around Actual Results: Dev Channel specific: No

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  • SVGElement does not inherit Element .children

    load EdgeBug23.html It has a simple SVG image, grabs an SVG element with getElementById, and then tries to access .children (which should return an HTML collection).

    1 report Fixed
  • XMLHttpRequest onprogress not fired for streaming response

    When an XHR request is made to a streaming API on Edge 15, the ‘onprogress’ callback is not called for the all the chunks. Previous versions of Edge till 14 and other browsers call the callback for each

    11 reports Confirmed
  • Allowing popups doesn't work

    I can see that on Barclays.co.uk website. When logged into online banking the website tries to open a popup, Edge blocks it. I click "Always allow", yet next time the website tries to open exactly

    1 report Needs root cause
  • Setting innerHTML on defs tags has no effect

    Sample Plunker: https://plnkr.co/edit/JZEnJdcRqXpCIKoA9VMZ?p=preview On Chrome, Firefox and Opera, clicking on “toggle” changes the background of the rectangle (from red to blue-striped). However,

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  • People App

    I been using the updated People App for contacts, on Win 1079. While we can see new changes on the format, it needs more tweaking on the columns. We find it difficult to read or make changes when we

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  • IE9 Parallels Virtual Machine: Broken Link

    https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ Virtual machine: IE9 on Win7 (x86) Select platform: Parallels (Mac) The “Download .ZIP” button leads to a “ResourceNotFound” error.

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  • getClientRects() method doesn’t work with absolute positioned elements in EDGE

    My colleague is currently experiencing an issue with text selection in IE 11.726.15063.0 and EDGE 40.15063.674.0. The goal is to get text selection working where it returns to me the getClientRects.

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  • Changing HTML input selection, inside 'keypress' event, prevents default keyboard typing

    Description When input selection is changed, during keypress event, using the setSelectionRange() method, then the keybard input is prevented and instead the selection takes place. This is working

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  • Mrs.

    This video is either unavailable or not supported in this browser Error Code: MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED Technical details : The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed

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  • Pointer Events Pen support broken in Fall Creators Update

    Using a Windows 10 Surface Pro (pre-fall update) vs a post-fall update Surface Pro, go to this page: https://codepen.io/girliemac/pen/inuxr In the post-fall update device, Pointer Down and Pointer

    2 reports
  • BankID authentication failes when signing for debit and creditcards

    Norwegian online stores uses the Norwegian standard for authentication, called BankID. BankID is used as authentication, verifying the customers ID and adding an extra security layer while using debit

    2 reports Needs root cause
  • CSS-scaled content does not render correctly when printing

    Open example https://neisha.github.io/ieprintingissue/ Bring up print preview Observe that the content gets cut off halway down the page, unlike how it is rendered in the browser where it is the

    1 report
  • IE/Edge Canvas Rendering Issue for Image Effects

    Currently there is an issue that image effects (shadows, reflections, etc.) can not be rendered as SVG via Canvas in IE/Edge. Please see the attachment for a repro html page and try opening in different

    1 report Confirmed
  • LastPass Extension "Copy Password" not working

    When I go to the Extension. Then type in for example “google” it pulls up the info with “google” in it. When I click on the wrench option on the right of one of the options and then go to "copy password",

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  • Google Finance graph renders black area


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