Microsoft Edge Possible Redirect Loop Issue

Not reproducible Issue #20402661


Patrick T.
Feb 2, 2019
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Steps to reproduce

Edge is unable to retrieve webpage at a single URL. Web host at the URL was configured to use 301 permanent redirect for HTTP to HTTPS, then on HTTPS, depending on the host name in the header, redirect to different ports on the same machine. e.g. HTTP:// - 301 redirect -> HTTPS:// - 302 redirect --> HTTPS:// The URL is a locally hosted, private website. Edge works normally for all other URLs.

When problem URL is entered in address bar, edge ignores the URL and stays on the previous webpage, restoring the address bar to previous webpage URL. No error page is displayed. Going directly to the final URL (HTTPS:// also results in the same behavior. Substituting IP address for domain name results in the same behavior.

Using firefox on the same machine with the same URL results in firefox showing the webpage at HTTPS:// I believe this rules out network and/or web host issues.

Internet Explorer 11 loads the webpage at the URL with no problems.

I have reset Edge with no change. I have reinstalled Edge with no change. I have used a second login account and Edge will still not load the intended webpage.

I installed Fiddler 4 and now Edge is able to reach the intended webpage only when Fiddler 4 is running. My understanding is that Fiddler 4 acts as a local proxy so whatever in Edge that’s blocking the URL is bypassed when the HTTPS session is proxied through Fiddler.

How do I reset Edge such that this URL is no longer blocked?


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